THE GRIFFON is about offering you a space where you can set aside your busy lives, take your time, and relax.

the cooperation of many different breweries,
we provide a wide variety of draft beers in their absolute best form by carefully controlling the temperature of the barrels,
ensuring that your beer always tastes delicious.

In addition to beer, we also serve cocktails, whiskey, wine, and more.
Enjoy wonderful pairings with our delicious food.

Have a lively night out, relax, and open up with your friends.
Or indulge yourself with a drink and some time alone.

We are located in the beautiful, dynamic locales of Shibuya and Shinjuku.
We hope you will pay us a visit when you feel like enjoying yourself in a relaxing, comfortable space.


2-22-6 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
B1 Floor, Kowa Building
TEL 03-6822-3868 / 
FAX 03-3498-0839

Open 5:30PM to 5:00AM
*Closes at midnight on Sunday and Monday. Open every day of the week.

Capacity : 45
Maximum for events : 40(seated)  or 85 people (standing buffet)